Coffee Project

Fact: I love coffee.

Scratch that. I am obsessed with it. I love it hot, iced, blended, brewed, instant, black or with cream. I love it in form of a drink, ice cream, cookie, cake or candy. There was a time my doctor asked me to stop drinking coffee but it only resulted to unbearable caffeine withdrawal. Needless to say, the no coffee mantra lasted for merely 24 hours.  I’d rather pop medicines for my acidic stomach than give it up ^^

What makes coffee drinking even more fun is having it in a cozy and artsy coffee shop. I do like coffee chains like Starbucks and Coffee bean, but Seoul introduced me to themed-cafe so now I’m hooked.

Coffee project is a little addition to my itinerary when I travel. Join me as I explore cafes in different places one cup at a time ^^

Hello Kitty Cafe ~ Seoul

Coffee Prince ~ Seoul


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